Architecture & Construction

Composites / GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) have long been identified for their advantages in construction applications. It’s durable, lightweight and can be moulded into almost any shape imaginable therefore offering far more design freedom to architects and developers.

Our specialist team at Fibreglass Solutions design, manufacture and install a wide variety of architectural mouldings and features such as cornices, pediments, panels, cladding, turrets, dormers, ceiling features, domes, column features, signage, bespoke sculptures, chimney’s, soffit and fascia’s and much more.

Working alongside some of the top architects and construction companies, we take artistic concepts and bring them to reality, some of which are displayed here.

Recent projects have included the world famous 5 star Dorchester Hotel on London’s Park Lane and 10 Trinity Square – one of the most treasured and iconic Grade II* listed buildings in London.

Interior and Exterior Features

GRP can also accurately simulate traditional materials reproducing the original look, feel and style and combines lightweight with its inherent strength to provide a durable weather resistant finish.

Our expert craftsmen can provide a perfect match for a 1930’s Art deco style front canopy or even replace heavy brickwork with a high quality lightweight replica. From traditional stone, concrete, ceramic or render effect features to garden statues we can provide an alternative solution to meet your requirements.

Contact Our Team Of Specialists

The Fibreglass Solutions team will help you develop designs to enhance and cope with the challenging criteria of major building projects, fabricate them, finishing them to your requirement or to match the material being imitated. Then we will perform the installation too. Clients who have used our GRP architectural mouldings have been amazed at the advantages, cost savings and adaptability they give.

For more information about GRP Architectural Mouldings, just ask – we’ll tell you why GRP is the best material for your needs. Or for any aspect of your project that could benefit from our teams input, contact us today on 0800 0886 034 

Partners In Composite

When you choose Fibreglass Solutions as your composite partner, you tap into a wealth of specialised knowledge of custom fibreglass mouldings and over 30 years of industry experience at delivering exceptional quality GRP products whilst sustaining an exemplary level of service to an ever widening group of clients.

The Advantages of GRP Architectural Mouldings:

GRP fibreglass mouldings from Fibreglass Solutions are fabricated in-house and can be formed into both simple and complex structural shapes for your building. These are just some of the well established advantages of composites for this type of application:

  • Weather & Impact resistant – Fibreglass is impervious to all climatic and temperature conditions
  • Lightweight – The strength-to-weight ratio engineered to very light requirements makes its capabilities far superior to steel.
  • Visual Appeal – Any shape, any colour, any surface texture
  • Corrosion Proof / Immune to parasitic attack
  • Chemical resistant / Leak free
  • U.V. stabilised – To prevent discolouration
  • Natural Insulator – It does not conduct heat and cold, and so eliminates the need for thermal breaks
  • Easy installation
  • Indefinite life expectancy

Safe, Durable & Cost-Effective

Traditional materials such as brick, concrete or stone can wear away over time, plant life can cause mortar to fail and ceramics can chip – but GRP eliminates all these risks and has an indefinite lifespan. GRP represents a cost-effective solution – both in terms of the raw materials themselves and their installation.

We utilise different material amalgamations to achieve the required specification, Fire retardant (class 1/0 to BS 476 Part 7), Salt water submergence etc.

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