Quality Automotive Mouldings

Fibreglass Solutions are experts in GRP mouldings and fibreglass parts. We have over thirty years of specialised knowledge and experience creating top-quality mouldings for the Automotive sector combined with a flexible approach to meeting the exact needs of the customer.

Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is lightweight but extremely strong, with shock absorbing properties. These properties, combined with the ease with which glass reinforced plastic can be moulded into complex shapes makes it the ideal, cost-effective material for automotive components and parts. These can take the form of a standard range of products available at short notice or custom designs fabricated for specific vehicles or uses.

We supply GRP moulded components in all sizes to suit a number of applications;           Vintage / Classic Cars, Racing Cars, Agricultural Vehicles, Military Vehicles,Transit / Commercial Trucks & Vans, Leisure Vehicles, Commercial Coaches & Buses, Medical Vehicles, Kit Cars.

What parts can be made in GRP?

Fibreglass Solutions can fabricate an almost limitless variety of vehicle components – The range of GRP mouldings we can manufacture include:

  • Complete kit car body & panel sets
  • Racing car complete body sets
  • Bonnets / Bumpers
  • Sills / Shells
  • Light pods and surrounds
  • Corner caps and profiles
  • Drive Shafts
  • Suspension Control Arms
  • Structural Braces
  • Interior & Exterior panels
  • Dashboard components
  • Front & Rear Spoilers
  • Crash Structures / Seat Structures

Partners In Composite

When you choose Fibreglass Solutions as your composite partner, you tap into a wealth of specialised knowledge of custom fibreglass mouldings and over 30 years of industry experience at delivering exceptional quality GRP products whilst sustaining an exemplary level of service to an ever widening group of clients.

The Advantages of GRP Automotive Mouldings:

  • Lightweight
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Decreased Vibration / Impact Resistant
  • Weather & Corrosion Resistant – Fibreglass is impervious to all climatic and temperature conditions – essential for a product exposed to the outdoors.
  • Fire Retardant (class 1/0 to BS 476 Part 7)
  • Conforms To Complex Shapes
  • Chemical Resistant / Leak free – For industries with vehicles that handle chemicals or can be exposed to high levels of heat, GRP is the first choice for automotive components. That’s because it can be customised with resins and additives specifically to resist these elements.
  • U.V. stabilised – To prevent discolouration
  • Customisable – We can achieve any colour or finish
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Custom Vehicle Components

We can supply your parts in a base colour for your own spray booth or supreme quality gel finish to your specifications ready to fit straight onto your vehicles.

And if you have specialist requirements, including fire-resistant or chemical-resistant mouldings then just let us know and we will create a custom amalgamation of materials.

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We are experts in GRP moulded components, fibreglass Vintage / Classic Cars parts, Kit Cars, Racing Cars, Agricultural Vehicles, Medical Vehicles, Military Vehicles, Transit / Commercial Vans and Leisure Vehicles.

So whether you have a new requirement for automotive mouldings or it’s time to find a new supplier, Fibreglass Solutions are here to create it for you – to the highest standard, at a great price and with the best possible service.  Contact us today on 0800 0886 034 to find out more about how we can supply you with exactly the components you need. We look forward to hearing from you!

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