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Trimming | Finishing

Generally once parts are fabricated they are trimmed and ground in our trimming booths and then are finished off in the finishing area. Excellent dimensional consistency is achieved by trimming to scribe lines which are designed into the mould tools. In the event you require greater dimensional consistency (Automotive Level) we have the ability to outsource CNC machine trim.

At this stage parts can have a multitude of different things done and can have secondary items or peripheral components affixed such as hinges inserts, handles and brackets to help our customer with affixing them to their products. Parts are finished to varying degrees with some items prepped for paint, painted or others supplied as a supreme gel-coat finish.

Paint Spraying

We are one of the UK’s few GRP manufacturers that also operate a fully equipped in-house paint spraying facility ideal for applying designs and finishes across a wide range of products and materials. Our spraying booth is located within our manufacturing plant and is fully equipped with the most modern apparatus to ensure maximum quality finishes in excellent turnaround times. In both our GRP production and spraying facilities we have vast experience in colour matching using RAL and British Standards colouring systems.

Our experienced team always provide a close attention to detail and our personalised, bespoke customer service ensures premium finish standards at very competitive prices for all customers. If you would like more information specific to your requirements, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

     We Can Provide The Complete Solution:

  • Conceptual design
  • Design documentation
  • 3D visualisation, 3D documentation (Autocad, Solidworks)
  • Material selections and assessments
  • Full project cost preparation and project management
  • Preparation of formal specifications
  • Cost effective engineering, economically scaled solutions.
  • Stress analysis and in-depth assessments on “finite elements”
  • Formal assessment reports
  • Consultancy services
  • Quality control / Quality assessment

Turnkey Design & Build Solutions

We can provide a complete turnkey package of project design and build services. More and more of our clients are finding that a combined package from one source offers substantial cost and time savings, especially beneficial on fast track projects.

Partners In Composite

When you choose Fibreglass Solutions as your composite partner, you tap into a wealth of specialised knowledge of custom fibreglass mouldings and over 30 years of industry experience at delivering exceptional quality GRP products whilst sustaining an exemplary level of service to an ever widening group of clients.

Glass Reinforced Plastic Manufacturing Processes:

  • Pattern design and manufacture
  • Fibreglass mould / Tooling manufacture
  • Hand lay / Spray up
  • Latex tooling
  • Solid surface castings
  • Vacuum bagging
  • RTM – Resin transfer mouldings
  • Ancillary metal work
  • Paint spraying / finishing service
  • Installations
  • Controls and supervision of onsite installations and installation services

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