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Precision Patterns

Our team can create a fibreglass item from a design brief, technical drawing, or CAD model. Next we make the master pattern, this can be made from timber or foam and is produced to replicate the finished product. Certain factors must be taken into consideration such as surface texture and finish, draft angles, undercuts, and method of production.

Timber and foam master patterns are made in our workshop. If they are very detailed we have them machined locally at a CNC machinist’s if required. This ensures that the quality of the fibreglass mould is top quality and incredibly accurate. You may already have a master pattern for us to produce a tool from, or even a product from which we can work and produce a tool. In the latter case we can create a “lift”. This ensures all details are captured in the final product.

Production Tools | Moulds

From the master pattern we produce a heavy duty fibreglass mould to enable the manufacture of the finished products.These are structurally supported to retain the shape and dimensional accuracy. They may be a 1 piece tool or multi-piece tool, depending on the complexity of the finished product. The finish of the tool will also mirror the final product. The aim is to make the surface of the mould as smooth as possible. If the surface quality of the mould is like a mirror then the cast object will be the same. The extra care we take in making the mould reaps rewards when the final parts are produced later.

With over 30 years experience and a team of highly skilled pattern and mould making experts and composite engineers, we are able to produce a wide range of patterns, moulds and fibreglass mouldings that contain extreme or simple complexity and geometries’ to meet our customer’s requirements.

Our expertise covers: Pattern design & construction, Single and split moulds, Tooling, GRP mouldings, Bespoke or large volume quantities, Superior gloss finish. We can provide a single source solution from concept through to project completion. If you would like more information specific to your requirements, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

     We Can Provide The Complete Solution:

  • Conceptual design
  • Design documentation
  • 3D visualisation, 3D documentation (Autocad, Solidworks)
  • Material selections and assessments
  • Full project cost preparation and project management
  • Preparation of formal specifications
  • Cost effective engineering, economically scaled solutions.
  • Stress analysis and in-depth assessments on “finite elements”
  • Formal assessment reports
  • Consultancy services
  • Quality control / Quality assessment

Turnkey Design & Build Solutions

We can provide a complete turnkey package of project design and build services. More and more of our clients are finding that a combined package from one source offers substantial cost and time savings, especially beneficial on fast track projects.

Partners In Composite

When you choose Fibreglass Solutions as your composite partner, you tap into a wealth of specialised knowledge of custom fibreglass mouldings and over 30 years of industry experience at delivering exceptional quality GRP products whilst sustaining an exemplary level of service to an ever widening group of clients.

Glass Reinforced Plastic Manufacturing Processes:

  • Pattern design and manufacture
  • Fibreglass mould / Tooling manufacture
  • Hand lay / Spray up
  • Latex tooling
  • Solid surface castings
  • Vacuum bagging
  • RTM – Resin transfer mouldings
  • Ancillary metal work
  • Paint spraying / finishing service
  • Installations
  • Controls and supervision of onsite installations and installation services

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Any queries regarding your next project, we are always available to assist. We would be pleased to hear from you and welcome the opportunity to further discuss your requirements. You can telephone our expert team on 0800 0886 034  or alternatively please complete the short contact form provided.